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To play tennis should meet several physical conditions such as resistance, speed, especially strength and coordination and great mental capacity in general therefore the physical preparation has become really complex.

The hard training must be accompanied by a proper planning of food in order to speed up recovery processes and provide enough energy to allow tennis player exploit their full potential.

The game involves fairly brief and intense efforts with explosive phases, alternating with sometimes insufficient recovery periods for recovery, therefore nutrition plays a fundamental role , for external source of power (Glycogen) during the party and speed up the process of recovery if we incorporate appropriate nutritional guidelines.

Nutritional guidelines that will improve athletic performance in tennis

Timing of intakes

We must adjust them depending on the schedule of the training always prioritizing the intake of carbohydrates an hour and a half to two hours before training.
The distribution of energy balanced during the day keeps always replete with muscle and liver glycogen deposits, avoiding feelings of hunger and weakness.

Prior to the match strategies
Hydration: consume at least 2 vessels or 500 ml. water with 50 g. from DRINK ENERGY within 2 hours. prior to the match.
Make a rich carbohydrate intake, low in fiber and fat 2 at 3 pm. before the same.
Examples: EXTREME ENDURANCE RECOVERY Smoothie with Instant Oatmeal more toast with jam or honey, and some dates
It is very important do not try anything "new" at this time.
It is essential to breakfast for repletar energy deposit prior to the event.

During the match
Hydrate with DRINK ENERGY in winter and DRINK TONIC in summer since you sweat more and to retrieve more minerals
Liquids must be fitted because of 500 CC to 1 l of fluid per hour of party.
Take breaks to hydrate. Remember that water alone does not reach can cause hyponatremia, especially if the party is in warm areas in times of great exposure to the Sun (between the 10 and 16 hours).
Not you should experience the sensation of thirst is an early symptom of dehydration.
Incorporate fast-absorbing carbohydrate at a rate of 30 to 60 g for each hour of party; they should be incorporated in the form of gels (INHIBILAK,EXTREME GEL, ENERGY GEL,CHUPETIN) o , energy bars (FLAP JACK, RECOVERY BAR).

Within the first 30 minutes of completing the party, rehydrate with a shake of RECUPER POWER and add collations with carbohydrate-containing foods: bananas, FLAP JACK or RECOVERY BAR bars.

Then and they within 2 hours, incorporate preparations that combine carbohydrates + proteins as an extreme ENDURANCE RECOVERY Smoothie with skim milk . During these early 2 hours, the muscle is in a sensitive phase in which it is able to more quickly assimilate the entry of carbohydrates and thus accelerate the recovery. Many times players are no appetite, without desire to eat; currently the tennis player must feed by "discipline" even though it has no appetite, Why prepared liquids are the most advisable and to accelerate and streamline the process of recovery post-competencia.

A good nutritional status is a result of proper eating habits, incorporated into the day to day throughout the year and not the weeks or days prior to a sporting event. Is of vital importance that both players and working group (coaches, technical, preparers, etc.) We are aware that nutrition is the "invisible training" that will allow that player are not injured and that exploited its full potential.