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You've completed your hard work, you trained and have done everything possible to prepare the challenge of your career triathlon. but do you know how to properly take your isotonic, reclaimers and supplements nutritional before the race and at the refreshment?

An adequate diet and consume quality supplements during the test, It is a key piece of your success and that will allow you to beat your personal brand.

To do this we have put together a series of tips that will be very useful:


1.- Maximizes your muscle and liver glycogen deposits and stay hydrated to be sure that you'll be the best level during the race.

2.- Increase carbohydrate intake among a 60-65% daily calories, in the morning at breakfast a milkshake with 50 GR. from EXTREM RECOVERY ENDURANCE MEGAPLUS .

3.- Try to drink at least two litres of water + ENERGY DRINK or TONIC DRINK( If it is very hot or you sweat much), that it matches these litres, Thus we can ensure that you're well hydrated.

Advisable to half tomorrow, take any energy bar type FLAP JACK or RECOVERY MEGAPLUS and mid afternoon snack with a shake of EXTREM RECOVERY ENDURANCE always at least two hours before training or vice versa if you train at noon.

These measures will help to maintain during the day your reserves of GLYCOGEN

4.- Make sure that your body has everything you need above all in times of training and competitions, having a maximum wear. Take one capsule daily VITAPOL MEGAPLUS is a multivitamin with minerals formulated for athletes who need more doses of antioxidants, vitamins group B and minerals.

5.- RECUPER POWER drink after training and SHOT EXTREM before them, This helps hydrate you and replenish glycogen before and after training or career.

6.- Well plan your career and check that type of products are you have offer in the refreshment, try it before never try anything the day of the race!!


Load maximum of carbohydrates for the Triathlon, Apart from the breakfast meals, lunch and dinner which must be rich in carbohydrates and low in fat: pasta or rice with tomato sauce, with white fish and Apple Compote dessert after dinner take a TOTAL ENERGY or EXTREM RECOVERY ENDURANCE MEGAPLUS Smoothie and a TOTAL ENERGY or EXTREM RECOVERY ENDURANCE MEGAPLUS Smoothie, between meals throughout the day.


1.- Take a breakfast high in carbohydrates and includes something of protein approximately three hours before the Triathlon ( EJ: Smoothie extrem recovery endurance with instant oat flakes, sweetened with honey, with OVOAVENA MEGAPLUS pancakes) You never ignore you breakfast and not to try new foods before the test.

2.- Avoid foods high in fat and fiber

3.- Try to drink in small SIPs drink SHOT extreme with 500 ml. Of water the hour and half before the event (stop drinking during the last half-hour to avoid bladder feeling full during race)

4.- If for reasons of displacement, For more than three hours that you've had breakfast, during the shot you can eat a piece of fruit or bars type energy recovery and if you need to wake up to the EXTREM SHOT already will do with their caffeine content.


1.- drink ENERGY DRINK or DRINK TONIC MEGAPLUS regularly 500 to 600 ml. Every hour), to maintain hydration, replace sales and maintain glycogen deposits during the race.-

2.- Repon energy on the saddle with energy bars, dried fruit or Quince tacos. Ideal is to combine it with some energy gel type EXTREM GEL or CHUPETIN MEGAPLUS.

3.- And for the career, also the gel will give you the final push.


The key to a quick recovery is to consume a recovery as soon as possible as a smoothie RECUPER POWER MEGAPLUS and so recover and hydrate us. At the end of 30 minutes an EXTREM ENDURANCE RECOVERY Smoothie, with a piece of fruit (BANANA,apple) and energy bar