We are manufacturers:

fabricante-productos - nutritional-megaplusMegaplus makes available to the athlete, from 1994 and thanks to its extensive experience in the field of dietary nutrition, a range of food products, based on cutting-edge research within the field of examinations.

Our mission is to "Improve the physical performance of athletes through the development and manufacture of quality nutritional supplements".

To achieve this, We think that the best way is to develop and manufacture our own products always.

Why choose Megaplus?

  • Used by elite athletes
  • Quality and higher efficiency of the product
  • Natural and pleasant flavors
  • Local manufacturing
  • Optimal results

Sports nutrition

Research and development team:

megaplus-products-nutriconalesOur commitment, make every day better products, We can carry it out with a team highly qualified and specialized in the field of sports nutrition

We develop products always thinking about quality and flavor. To do this, our r & d Department strives every day to find the perfect formulas. As a result, We can offer products with superior efficiency. On the other hand, strict taste tests, they make our products welcome to take.

Quality control:

Sports performance, It has a direct relationship with the quality of the food ingested by the athlete. The manufacture-megaplusfood, water and oxygen are the ingredients through which, the human metabolism gets forming elements of new tissue and energy. The exercise of the sport that is practiced along with an intake of solid and liquid foods is the ideal combination for an excellent physical condition.

Our products, specially designed for this purpose, they meet the highest standards of quality since they are subject to the strictest controls.

In addition, our products have been created thinking at all, so we have products free of allergens and gluten.