Here are the tips for each phase:


The first phase aims to find the increase in muscle mass and strength increase.

These sports aims to enhance maximum strength while we develop muscle mass. Is recommended before training a consumption of amino acids, that I can achieve more through supplementation.

Around 2 hours before the work of bodybuilding with peak loads, We recommend preparing the muscle with nutritional supplements of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as half an hour before volumizers or pre workouts to avoid an excessive muscle breakdown during training and help a recovery will be faster,preventing muscle catabolism.

It may also be interesting to consume creatine supplements, to further enhance the strength and muscle growth.

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Phase aimed at the consolidation of the muscle size, maximum cut and the extreme reduction of body fat and subcutaneous water.

In practice there are wait times, where is it advisable to take small amounts of carbohydrates and minerals via supplements specially designed for this purpose.

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Phase aimed at organic in periods of rest recovery, rest active or recovery between training cycles.

At the end of the practice of this type of exercise, Another protein intake is recommended to regenerate the structure of muscle.

These sports, In addition imply an excessive overload articulate, so preventively is important to protect the cartilage with the administration of substances that nourish this structure specifically.

In the event that we want to achieve a higher definition than our muscles, We can also take fat burners supplements.

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