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In swimming must be mastered to perfection the art of movement between all parts of the body, both at individual test as synchronized test, in order to seek the best and highest eficienciar.

Now well, It requires not only technical training carried out in the own pool, but that requires an activity outside the pool based on a good physical preparation of base, a specific gym weight training and flexibility.

In swimming there are different modes or styles such as: Crowl (free style), back, breaststroke and Butterfly, each one of them with very different biomechanical requirements.

Taking into account the distance to swim, We could say that certain specialties (200-1500 m) they require good resistance with a large use of force, while others (100 m or less) We clasificaríamos them as activities where the speed and power are of great significance.

The different qualities of both specialty involve different dietary habits, and with different nutritional aspects.

More playful level swimming practice is not limited to any age since the benefits that brings to health make it a very suitable activity.

The circulatory system and the capacity of the transportation and use of oxygen are the most immediate effects for the practice of swimming. The respiratory system sees his increased fitness, the muscular system is mobilized for full development - rollando more resistance force.

The regular practice of swimming generates positive effects on health, which will persist if it stops not at will feel in the form.

TO. -Specialties among 200-1500 m.

1. Physiological characteristics:

Good sports benefits are given by a great resistance to the force, involving:

  • Important energy requirement at the expense of carbohydrates
  • Intake of protein more important than in a sport of pure resistance.

2. Diet features:

In general must have an intake of carbohydrates with a supply adapted- do proteins of high biological value i.e., collations where dominate low-fat meats, poultry or white fish, as well as potatoes, rice, fresh fruit or vegetable.

In these sports, the proteins will serve to stimulate the formation of muscle quickly and effectively "destroyed" during training or competition, and thus enhancing the recovery.

Food before the activity is to be based on predominance of carbohydrate foods such as flakes of oatmeal or rice as carbohydrates combined with proteins that provide all the essential amino acids-concentrated.

It should be noted, that if is any strength training, either in the pool or out, back to food, It needs to provide a significant portion of proteins (poor in fats) where can include Smoothies of Megaplus proteins that will ensure us a good recovery ability.

Competition training, requires travel many kilometers swimming, proportionately more than other sports in their respective specialties, that you can easily induce a psychological fatigue, so important is supplementation with amino acid supplements, so much for his energetic role as structural.

During sports, We recommend you take to moisturize beverages rich in minerals and carbohydrates each 20-30 minutes.

B. -Specialty was of short distances (< 100 m)

1. Physiological characteristics:

The good performance is given by developing a large force as soon as possible.

2. Diet features:

They are sports that require a higher consumption of protein in the diet.

In strength training, as such, is important to supplement the diet with high biological value protein concentrates, such as WHEY-LACTIC, whose contribution of amino acids will not pose an excess of fat in the diet, and it will ensure the preparation and recovery of different muscle groups which imply activity.

The kind of effort that is interval, that is to say be a waiting time between series and serial, where should regenerate glucoge-no reservations, whether with sticks , Rice bread, Inhibilak, ENERGY GEL,EXTREME GEL fruit juices…, ensure the body filling the reserves of carbohydrates before the start of the test and it can be dealt with quickly digestible energy intake during the competition between two series.

Swimming, It is also a water loss which will depend on the duration of the effort, and it is always accompanied by a loss of mineral salts and energuia to be compensated with preparations DRINK ENERGY