Vitamin C must be always present in our diet, It is a potent antioxidant, facilitates the absorption of iron, It has an important role in collagen synthesis since it helps to the tissue repair any part of the body and reduces the chance of infections.


Vitamin C, also known as antiscorbutic vitamin o Ascorbic acid, is one water-soluble vitamin essential for growth and development.

Supplementation with vitamin C is generally associated to a better functioning of the immune system, acting on the first level of defense against external agents and also protect from oxidative damage to cells. However, in sports supplementation with vitamin C at high doses aims to maintain the ability to respond to the increased demands to repetitive stress.

Especially in long duration aerobic sports, there is an increased risk of oxidation, but by taking vitamin C as ergogenic aid, obtained favorable effects on aerobic capacity and muscle strength, also helps to combat the muscle damage in the eccentric exercise and, he collaborates in the treatment of some manifestations of fatigue as well as overtraining and possible hormonal adaptation to exercise.